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Video Testimonial – Why become a Loan Officer at Lend Smart Mortgage

Hi, my name is Ed Diaz, and just to give you a little bit of context, I’ve been in the mortgage business for 21 years. The year is 2022 right now, and prior to that, I was a financial advisor. And I’ve also been in the commercial banking side of things. And I could tell you, having lived through 2008 and having gone through several mortgage banks and also mortgage brokers, I can tell you that my experience, particularly the onboarding with Lend Smart Mortgage, has been phenomenal. The best experience I’ve had in any organization I’ve been to.

Quite frankly, the support here and that culture of get it done and willingness and everybody being so nice and so willing just to be Proactive, almost complete your sentences kind of Proactive has been astonishing, quite frankly, because my last situation was not a good one. I’ve experienced many nightmare kind of onboarding where the ball was dropped and or I was given a lot of promises that later on just really never came to fruition. And that’s part of support, whether it be rates, whether it be programs, all the above. Now, Lend Smart is not a huge company. It’s a small company. I think by design, it is a genius move because it feels like family, yet they have the bandwidth and the power of the larger mortgage banks that I’ve been to so far have not seen any kind of blip or any kind of misstep because they’re smaller. Quite the contrary. I’ve seen people just jump in. And that willingness, like I said, to help and to get things done has been phenomenal on top of the fact that the communication has been really great.

Everything from training to onboarding to transition files to files that I’m submitting. It’s just been a really great experience, and I can’t recommend them enough. So if you’re at a place in your career where you’re either just looking or your situation is just not that good, I highly recommend that you speak with a few of the Lend Smart branch managers and just get their take because that’s what I did. I vetted them very closely and extensively, and here I am, at Lend Smart Mortgage. After 21 years of being in the mortgage business, hopefully, this helps.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me on social media. Take care

Ed Diaz | Branch Manager | NMLS #249808

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