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Opportunity in Nevada

We have wonderful opportunities available in Nevada right now. So I’m based in the Phoenix area, and Phoenix and Nevada have a lot of similarities geographically. We have a lot of similarities as far as some some of the transient population that we see, the home values, the types of homes that are built. And so we’re very familiar with that market, spent a lot of time up there, and we have some great opportunities there for the right people. So at Lend Smart, we’re always looking for somebody who’s looking for their final home, somebody who wants to come here.

And this is the place that they retire. And so we really are looking for somebody who wants to come on in Nevada, be the branch manager there, maybe be the area manager there, whatever that grows into with the idea that they’re going to be there long term, because that’s what Lend Smart is all about. We’re not about the Hoppers, the people coming for short term. We want people who really want to be with Lend Smart and want to see this as their final destination. And so it’s a great opportunity for somebody who can come in, do that right from the start and help us develop a brand new region right from the ground floor.

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