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Our P & L Model is Transparent

So here at Lend Smart, we really have a fantastic P & L model and you hear that a lot in the industry. There’s a lot of people who have worked on P & L models. One of the big differences that I hear frequently is the company I’m with told me that P & L was going work this way. But then in the end I got nickeled and dimed and I didn’t know they were going to charge me back for this fee or for that fee. Ours is very transparent.

You’re going to know right from the start exactly what it looks like and you’re going to have access to it. We don’t want to restrict what our people can do with their P & Ls. And so once you get that up and running and you see how it works, I haven’t seen a better one in the industry and you don’t have to go into the P & L model. At Lend Smart, we have a corporate option as well. And we’ve had people start in the corporate option and then go to the P & L model once they’re ready to do that.

And so we don’t want to restrict that as well. We want our people to be successful and operate within the type of model that they feel is best for themselves.

As a matter of fact, we will run a case by case scenario. So we’ll share our screens with you as a potential branch that wants to come on as a P & L model. We’ll plug in what all of your estimates are as far as your volume, and we’ll plug in all the estimated expenses that will be there to run your branch and you’ll get to see that live and work the numbers and see what that’s really going to look like for you.

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