Work at Lend Smart Mortgage, LLC

Time to make a SMART move.

We want to help you develop your vision of what this business can be, assist you in creating the systems and procedures that will make the plan successful and provide you with the knowledge necessary to communicate what we have to offer.

Career Paths

mortgage career


People love working here. Why? Because we focus on teamwork and integrity. Our culture helps you succeed just as much as any of our policies or procedures.


We understand how competitive our market is. That’s why we strive for efficiency to provide better than market rates.


Whether you are an originator or a branch manager, our unique branch model offers you continual success in your mortgage career.


Separate yourself from the competition by using our world-class CRM software, unique mobile app, and automated video updates for clients and partners.

Growth Principles

We believe in being knowledgeable, caring, and efficient in all facets of our work. But just as important, we think work should be something you enjoy.

Growth Principles

  • Recognizing the vision for an opportunity
  • Cultivating the infrastructure to properly support growth
  • Successfully communicating our message

Our Benefits

Loan Origination System: Encompass Banker’s Edition. Some of the benefits:

  • Loan officer websites
  • Individualized client web sites
  • Secure on-line application downloads into Encompass
  • E-sign on conventional loans
  • As paperless as the industry allows
  • Origination made simple through milestone markers
  • Processors/Underwriters- work off screens and documents in the e-folder


We think you should enjoy where you work

At Lend Smart, we’re dedicated to supporting our staff.

Lend Smart Mortgage, LLC believes in recruiting the highest level talent to all parts of our organization. We are always looking for self-motivated, hard working team members that will help us accomplish this mission.

Our operation staff has built a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable, caring and efficient groups in the country. We also believe that work should be something you enjoy. Why set out on a mortgage career if you don’t like what you do or who you work with? Come meet our team and find out why we have so little turn over.

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